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Private Money Lender in British Columbia

Capri Mortgage Corporation is a mortgage company with people providing mortgages throughout B.C. since 1974. Whether clients require first or second mortgages for residential or commercial properties, we handle all mortgage financing and can accommodate most proposals. From within our vast network of institutional and private sector lenders, we are able to offer the most competitive rates and options available in the marketplace. Capri Mortgage Corporation is also a direct lender enabling proposals requiring an immediate response to be approved and funded in house. Capri Mortgage Corporation also offers secure mortgage investments funded directly by the investor or via an RRSP plan. We do not pool investor funds. Each investment is one on one with the investor being the only lender on a property, affording complete control in the decision making process. Your charge is registered at the appropriate land title office securing your position on title.


Our Services Include: Private Mortgages | Equity Mortgages | Private Equity Lending | Bad Credit Mortgages | Equity Lending | Hard Money Lending | Private Equity Loans | Home Equity Loans | Bank Mortgages/Finances

Capri Mortgage Corporation - Mortgage Company in British Columbia, specializes in equity lending with very competitive terms and guarantee prompt, efficient, professional service, always. That's a promise!

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